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Texas Office Coffee

is a locally owned and operated office coffee service company. Our company has without question the best customer service in the industry. Unlike other office coffee companies, our customers have instant communication with the owner of the company or any other local employee. We offer weekly service which is something that is not done in the industry. Texas Office Coffee was actually started because of a desire to offer something different, service. Tired of service calls that are routed through an unknowledgeable customer service representative in California ending up here locally a day or two later? Why not help a local Texas company? No reason to support other states or countries. The informal nature of these huge service companies give customers the feeling that their business is not important.

We offer anything from your basic glass pot coffee machines to state of the art single cup options. You can’t miss us. We have any type of coffee that you are looking for. Besides coffee, we also offer logo water, bottled water, filtration and everything else that you need for your break room. This makes it where you can have one company that takes care of all of your break room needs.


10% Savings Guarantee

We not only say it, we prove it. We will beat your current pricing by 10%**. For this reason, you have no reason to stay with your current non-service oriented company.

This makes doing business with Texas Office Coffee the best decision you will ever make.

**Must show must current invoice and agree to switch services when 10% savings is met.

Why Office Coffee Service?

Every business is looking for a way to gain an advantage over their competition. Having perks at your office helps attract and keep great employees and customers. One of those perks is supplying high level hot and cold beverages. Research shows that when quality beverages are not provided at the office, employees will leave the office each day to get the beverage they want. As a result, employee productivity falls and the business suffers. It is a no brainer that customers are also impressed and attracted to perks and amenities.

Texas Office Coffee provides everything necessary to provide the amenities that you are looking for. Our office coffee programs keep employees, businesses, customers satisfied and coming back.

Get this Started

Texas Office Coffee will work with you to set up the best possible coffee program so that it will fit within your budget. The larger coffee companies think they know what is best for you. We listen to you so that we can help you figure out what options might be best for you.

Setting up Service

Setting up service with Texas Office Coffee couldn't be easier. When you have decided to award us your business, we make the transition as simple as possible. There will be minimal disturbance when you decide to use us. Heck, if you are switching to us from another company, we will even coordinate pick up and installation so that there is no interference in service.

Continuing Your Service

Texas Office Coffee has a lot of different ways to serve you. A lot of customers enjoy the full-service offered by Texas Office Coffee where we take care of inventory management etc. Others prefer to maintain their inventory themselves. Whatever works best for you, TOC will accommodate your preferrance.

You’re a Texas Office Coffee Customer

You'll experience what customer service really is. A lot of customers get accustomed to the impersonal coffee companies. We are weird. We actually think that you deserve service. You can choose who you want to take care of you and we know that.

Find out More?

Call us at 713-517-7050
Make the call. Give us a shot. You have nothing to lose. You have a lot to gain.